Equipment & Technology

Don’t Let Confusion Keep You Out of the Game!

Recording and Listening is one of the simplest and most effective tools to combat conditioned mind. So guess what? Conditioning will do anything at all to keep us from starting or maintaining an R/L practice. Sprinkling technological “stupid dust” on us is one of its favorite methods of keeping us from this practice. Don’t buy it! There are plenty of options for how to record, store, and organize your recordings, but there is no right way.

Below we offer a few options to help you sort through the technology of this practice. Keep in mind that the best place to begin is whatever is easiest for you in the moment. Conditioning will want to have you put off this practice until you have the right MP3 digital recorder, know how to use the R/L app, or have the perfect headphones. We suggest that you begin where you are, with whatever equipment you already have or can easily and inexpensively acquire.