From R/L Fans

What R/L practitioners have to say:

  • Recording and Listening with my children has been awesome. It’s been a great way to see that it doesn’t matter what the content is; it is the process. Being in presence, with presence is so amazing.  It has been a game changer. I’m so grateful for the practice and all these tools.
  • The Guide once said to me, “I hope we’ll both prove that Recording and Listening will be able to overcome the most difficult depression.” I can say with certainty, “Yes, it has.”  I finally have seen through that illusion of separate self. It is so powerful.
  • I’m really vulnerable when I first wake up in the morning; conditioning is right there waiting to pull me into a story. The idea came to me to listen to recordings as soon as I’m aware that I’m awake. I just did it. I lay my ear buds over my alarm clock and hit play immediately. I don’t even open my eyes. I listen to recordings for one minute. It reminds me that I am connected to my heart and all these good things. Now, instead of being a person who has a meeting to go to or someone who has a backache, I am a person who practices, because I am practicing as soon as I wake up.
  • Through recording and listening, I’ve gotten used to the sound of my own voice. And now, that is what kindness sounds like to me.
  • This Recording and Listening practice has been a lifeline for me. If it wasn’t for recording and listening, I don’t know where I’d be. Life would be really hard.
  • I have to join the party of gratitude to Recording and Listening. It really is the coolest thing ever. You’re your own best friend. When you have a need that is emotional, you can fulfill it by pressing record. The other people in our lives may not know about our R/L practice, but they’re highly grateful for it! It is transforming.
  • Over the last few months I’ve had a lot of trouble with my sleep and so I’ve been listening more and more at night. I leave my ear buds in all night. Everyone in my dreams was saying these beautiful things to me because I was listening to lovingkindness recordings! Typically conditioning slams me in my dreams. I wake up with a lot of sensations. Now, really quickly the Mentor comes in to say, “It’s okay, you can be kind to yourself all day.”
  • I have resisted R/L for a long time. But while practicing this week, I saw so clearly that what was happening is that conditioning was telling me in advance everything I should record. It was like taking dictation. I really disliked it. When I noticed that this was happening, I started to simply turn on the recorder and let Life start speaking, without any thoughts or "figuring it out." Suddenly, everything felt different. My recordings became these compassionate, loving, in-the-moment supports. Since I’ve been listening to these new recordings, it feels like Life is flowing effortlessly and I see that I don’t need to figure anything out. 
  • This practice works because a change in behavior brings about the change in consciousness. It isn’t necessarily WHAT we record and listen to, but that reaching for the recorder is a movement toward compassion for ourselves.
  • It feels like a doorway that I have gone through without even realizing it. Now, here I am, really, truly having a solid, firm, enduring, abiding relationship with my mentor — and thus, all of life.
  • Since I’ve been Recording and Listening, there’s been a shift: something now happens in the outside world and the automatic response for me is to hear my own voice inside my head, telling me what I need to hear, what I would like to hear. That seems like total freedom I guess!
  • The practice of R/L is incredibly supportive.  It’s all a part of knowing that I really do have everything that I need within me. I think I always felt like at lots of times the support needed to be external, like I needed to talk to a monk, to call the radio show, have reflective listening call, and so forth. Not that all of those things aren’t helpful. They are.  But this has been a really amazing way to realize I can actually do that for myself, to be able to access so much — and more powerfully. 
  • Recording and Listening can remind me that the drama’s always changing. Today, it’s “there’s no money” and tomorrow it’s gonna be something else. But I think I’d be at the mercy of the voices without these recordings. What I get all the time is “I Love you no matter what. Doesn’t matter what the voices say.”
  • When I’m in a hard place — when I’m really feeling sensations, and the voices have got me by the throat, I’ll just pick up the recorder and say “This is what is going on and this is what I’m being told and I need help.” And there’s my Mentor, right there, to offer love and acceptance. 
  • One thing I think about with the Recording and Listening is I’ve started to trust more and more, the experience of it … the “wow, where did that come from?” The more I do it, the more I trust the process and trust that there is always wisdom there — in me.
  • I R/L’d for first time in many months — egocentric karmic conditioning/self-hate has been a worthy opponent!   But now I have a game plan and the mentor as best possible coach. My mentor outlined several strengths. And one main practice emerged — recording and listening so that I won’t forget insights.
  • Deep gratitude for the support of R/L to keep attention focused on Home.
  • R/L practice is key in reminding me what Life wants, my commitments, what’s true.