Journaling vs. R/L

People ask the Guide whether journaling can substitute for Recording and Listening. The guidance is encouragement to practice R/L.

Here are five benefits of R/L that journaling does not have.

  1. When Recording and Listening, messages are heard in your own voice, which is thought to be one of the most healing sounds.   
  2. When listening to recordings made from center, we “hear” the presence and life force and calibrate to what we hear. Listening to recordings brings us to the present moment and allows us to discern the difference between the voices and the wisdom, love and compassion we are.  
  3. R/L is a way to learn to redirect attention. We can listen to recordings while doing almost anything. Throughout the day we can bask in messages of unconditional love instead of the usual self-hate.
  4. The "journaler" is an identity. The person who journals is always the same. With R/L we can hear from many aspects of ourselves that might not be given voice through journaling.  
  5. R/L allows for what is not yet conscious to be brought into conscious awareness. When we start talking, we get past the superficial narrative and access subconscious messages, feelings and connections that are layers beneath the sameness of the voices. We see things that we might not have seen and feel healed by the acceptance of seeing. The journaling process bypasses this dynamic engagement with conscious awareness.