Recording and Listening: a powerful tool for ending suffering

Cheri HuberRecording and Listening is, hands down, the most powerful tool for ending suffering I’ve found. When I say this to people the reaction is often, “What about meditation?” Yes, unquestionably meditation is what will take us from Samsara to Nirvana. But Recording and Listening is what enables us to meditate in a way that will take us from Samsara to Nirvana!



June 1, 2021
What I’m currently seeing in my practice is the profound power of directing the attention. 

I had a recent experience of walking, being in ego stories—what’s not working, low energy, what’s wrong with me and everything, blah blah blah. At some point, the willingness to put in earbuds was there, and the many encouragements around attention and awareness we have been exploring as a Sangha came tumbling in.   Read more...


Recording and Listening was developed by Zen Teacher Cheri Huber. It is a powerful tool to redirect the attention; expand awareness; and access the wisdom, love, and compassion that is our True Nature. For more about Zen Awareness Practice visit