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June 1, 2021

What I’m currently seeing in my practice is the profound power of directing the attention. 
I had a recent experience of walking, being in ego stories—what’s not working, low energy, what’s wrong with me and everything, blah blah blah. At some point, the willingness to put in earbuds was there, and the many encouragements around attention and awareness we have been exploring as a Sangha came tumbling in. 
As I listened, it was incredible to watch the energy return. None of the so called “problems” ego had been going on about needed to be resolved…they just dissolved in presence. My gaze lifted upwards and I was shifted out of those stories and into the precious unfolding of the moment. What follows is an ode to some of the places I’m delighting in directing attention to currently.
Ode to Directing Attention
(To be read, or sung with gusto to a favorite tune!)
Deep breath in and out
Shoulders drop
Smile stretches across the face
Spring blossoms blossoming
Trees bursting forth and tree-ing
Recording and listening!
Kitties purring
Dogs, dogs SO excited to be outside!
Circles! Circles everywhere!
Gassho to the door
Recording and listening!
Ask a tree
Smell of damp earth
Moon gazing
What are the sounds?
Attention on awareness
Recording and listening!
How is Life Life-ing right now?
What’s in the sky?
Colors and light 
Recording and listening!
Being Happiness
Thank you
I love you



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