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Articulating experience is something I believed to be difficult until I started Recording and Listening.  I have noticed through the Recording and Listening practice that expressing has not only become an easeful process but it is also enjoyable hearing what this person has to say!

One of my favorite Recording and Listening practices is drawing a card each morning from “What Universe Are You Creating,” by Cheri Huber and Ashwini Narayanan. 

First thing in the morning, I draw a card at random from the deck of 52 cards. Today the card read, “Kindness.”  Sitting quietly, feeling into Kindness, I hit “record” and then speak from the experience of what the words elicits.  Then I read the correlating pages in the “What Universe Are You Creating” book and record phrases and quotes that speak to my experience.  

I listen to the recordings as I transition from tasks and places throughout my day. Listening back, it seems that the senses and body go right to that place. 

Recently while visiting family, while I was recording about the card I had drawn, somebody walked into the room. I noticed a reaction of self-consciousness. How was I going to explain what I was doing?  

Oh, happy blessed opportunity to not feel separate by believing articulation is difficult but to invite another to have their own experience of what I was doing. Out of my mouth came, “Would you like to draw a card from a deck called “What Universe Are You Creating?”  The person picked the word, “Care.”  

I inquired and listened to their experience of “Care” and was transported to the place that also knows the experience. 

That turned out to be one of those moments of experientially getting what spiritual teachers have been pointing to — that not only what we focus on is what we have, but the ripple effect of attention on others.

This makes me consider how often we, as human beings, habitually express internally or outward what is difficult and forget to articulate what opens our heart and what we enjoy.  

When we do not articulate these experiences, not only do we miss out on the felt sense of experience but also miss the opportunity to connect with another person in this way.  The next person I interact with, I am going to ask them how they have experienced kindness today and see what happens!


  • Draw a card from “What Universe Are You Creating” or write ten words on a piece of paper that are heart-opening and inspiring. Put the cards in a bowl and pick one each day. Record your experience of the word and how it feels in your body. Listen to this recording as you transition from one place to another. Notice what happens. Invite a friend to join you in the practice and share with each other your experience of the word, using examples from the day.  Have fun and notice what happens!


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