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Recently, I began making mini recordings when I am in a beautiful place.

I give myself one to two minutes to use all of my senses and describe what I am seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, and feeling. I love listening to the person who was completely present and I go there with them when I hear their descriptions.

I can listen anytime, like when I can’t sleep or when I catch egocentric karmic conditioning/self hate distracting me. Poof! I redirect myself to the joyful sound of my own voice where I was in expanded awareness and then I am right there, having that experience! 

Today, I was feeling a sense of urgency, so I listened to one of these recordings. I found myself paying attention to each part of the posture being described and I began to lift my head from the crown, straighten my spine, relax my jaw, drop my shoulder blades, open my chest, and feel my feet firmly planted on the ground. It was like having a personal coach or trainer right there guiding me to come back into my body. I felt ease and alertness. I was relaxed and awake, but most of all, I felt present.

Listening and following along with that recording recalibrated me to THISHERENOW.

It expanded my perspective.

From center, there was no urgency, no tenseness in my body, nothing to worry about. I knew there was nothing wrong with anything. 

I keep practicing with these recordings done in “mini moments” when not much is going on, so I can train to pay attention, through all my senses, to be fully present. 

Over time, I have been able to come back to center when “things” are going on, in part because I have been practicing with these mini moments.

With the amazing practice of Recording and Listening, the process of waking up and ending suffering becomes a journey of joy. In these mini moments of being truly present, I experience Life as it perfectly unfolds.



  • Stop in a place that you love. Pause in presence. Then record for one or two minutes what you notice through all your senses. Listen to your recording at various times. What do you notice?






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