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In the recent Going Beyond Fear, Limitations, and Resistance Retreat, we had a beautiful mini- workshop on using Recording and Listening to support us even further in our movement of going beyond beliefs, assumptions, and lies that keep us from living our fullest lives.

We were encouraged to listen every morning and every night to the recordings that we made at the workshop, and to Record and Listen as needed in between. The key, though, was to keep doing the activity of Recording and Listening even if “I” didn’t feel like it/want to and see what happened.

We were also reminded that there might be backlash from egocentrickarmicconditioning/selfhate and that would be okay, just part of the process, and we could just keep on Recording and Listening.

Just when it seemed like it wasn’t possible to go any deeper, see anything else, or experience any more possibility, freedom, or unconditional love, another layer and realm of existence revealed itself.

As the voices would come in with “you can’t do x,y,z,” the Mentor would remind me to listen to my recording. I experienced an instant shift in attention to what was true. The voices would try and take things personally, however the Mentor would be there with the recording to remind me of what was at stake. This human being’s life was at stake.

When distraction or “something more important” came up, there was the Mentor reminding me that I could recommit and Record and Listen. (“Just do the next thing. Pick up the recorder and listen.”)

The act of R/L and showing up for the human, rather than conditioning, was critical to redirecting the attention. As attention stayed with Life and the Mentor, more insights dropped in, beliefs and assumptions were exposed, and kindness was with me as I moved on with the activities I was called to do within the retreat.

Over and over again, conditioning’s lies were exposed and there was more trust in Life and the process of showing up for this human.

I am so grateful that the month was filled with a facet of the jewel dusted off and available to shine. It was filled with another way to use the R/L tool to guide and support me in Awareness practice, a non-negotiable kindness I get to experience.

As well, I project others in my life received the gift of more freedom, trust, clarity, and unconditional love because that is where my attention was focused, rather than with the voices in the realm of fear, limitation, and resistance. The good news is that this support doesn’t need to end now! It gets to be added to the wonderful toolkit that has been so lovingly offered by Awareness Practice.




  • Create a recording that lights you up, makes you feel loved and fully supported. Listen to it for the next month in the morning and at night – and add as needed/wanted. When the voices try to talk you out of listening, remember that you are committed to this Practice regardless of whether or not “I” wants to. Notice what happens as you move through the month!





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