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Over the past few years, I’ve developed two Recording and Listening practices that lift my heart, offer unconditional support for the human being, and reinforce how I want to live my life.

The first is a “download to the Mentor” at night. I crawl into bed with recorder in hand, press record, and let whoever is there talk. As this practice has developed, it typically starts with what worked that day. I talk about fulfilling practice commitments, turning away from ego, following Life’s guidance, and the joy that is felt in all of these events.

When I listen back to these recordings, I go right to that same place of excitement, way-to-go, heart-fulfilling accomplishment that also serves to encourage the intrepid practitioner on her journey. Other times, there might be anguish, a sense of being lost, or a desire to connect. In those times, I do a two-handed recording and I listen to the person suffering. The Mentor is always right there with love, acceptance, and a willingness to stay with me no matter what.

Whether it’s the download or two-handed recording, I am overjoyed to share the most intimate details of my life and feel heard, appreciated, and held. Indeed, I’ve often fallen asleep with recorder in hand, not necessarily turned on, just holding it like a magic wand to be used instantly to thwart any of ego’s attacks.

The other practice I have involves a go-to folder of “good morning” recordings. Waking up is one of my most vulnerable times for an ego attack, so these recordings are often made at another time of the day when practice has centered me and my heart can speak clearly and freely. These recordings often start with me saying “good morning” many different ways, sometimes singing it, or imitating how I’ve heard someone else say it, even in other languages! And then I follow up with how I would like to live the day: with honesty, integrity, courage, kindness, unconditional love, and acceptance. I have found these daily morning reminders to be inspiring, and they are crucial to keeping ego at bay, as it natters on about it’s own diabolical take on how the day will go.



  • For 30 days do a nightly “download to the Mentor” with whomever shows up. Let them talk about anything, and have a sense of talking to a highly trusted friend who wants to hear every last detail, happy or sad. Follow up with a two-handed recording.

    Make five “good morning” recordings and have them handy at the beginning or end of a folder, in their own folder, or easily retrieved. Keep the recorder bedside and upon waking, press play and receive the warm good morning wishes in your own voice! For extra support, add to the “good morning” recording the qualities you want to embody in your life that day to end suffering.








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