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About a year ago, I noticed a story brewing that was causing suffering. The voices were saying that the job Life was calling for me to do (stewarding my children full time instead of working outside the home) was a “problem” and “something wrong.”

It dropped in to call Open Air and ask for guidance on how to R/L with this practice opportunity. The Guide encouraged me to R/L the process with my children when stories were coming up. I did and immediately the stories began to vanish. What remained was joy, delight, and wonder.

This new Practice opened a portal of possibility to R/L around “others,” not just on my own. Internal conversations and energy drainage lessened. As attention turned to Life via R/L, space and time to enjoy the moment, watch life unfold and relish in the mystery became available. Quite a miracle.

Life/Mentor would drop in whether to record insights and what was true as the children were playing, or perhaps have us look at a process together of how we all wanted to be heard. The ways to show up, be with the moment, and R/L became endless.

It was humbling to see how once again, it was all about the process, and not the content. I saw more deeply that it did not matter what I was doing — this job or another job, for instance, it was how I was doing whatever I was doing.

If I was calibrated with Life, then that was my experience. If I was bamboozled by ego-I, then that was the experience I was going to have; it didn’t have to do with anything or anyone else. Every time it dropped in to R/L with the children or by myself, it became another wonderful experience of the instant switch into the light room.

I am grateful that Life/the Mentor continues to offer new ways to use R/L in our family. Lately, I have used it during transition times, like leaving and coming to the house for example. I get to pay attention to the process and what was so for the children and myself. What was arising? What needed attending to? How could we bring more kindness and less urgency to each transition? Life also dropped in getting a recorder for the oldest child, who then suggested it was time for her younger brother, who is 2 ½, to get a recorder as well!

Receiving and following the guidance to practice R/L individually and as a family has been a game-changer. It has allowed Life to drop in clarity, kindness, and compassion and for Life to animate this person, instead of conditioning taking over.

I project it also allowed my children to see how I am practicing letting go into Life’s unfolding, and what is possible for them as they grow. I am so grateful for the powerful, quick and effective tool of R/L. 

  • How do the voices stop you from Recording and Listening? What conditions/limits do they impose on your practice?  Do what the voices tell you not to do and experience the freedom that comes from not being controlled by egocentric karmic conditioning/self-hate. Then make a celebration recording! 







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