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I love Recording and Listening! I have been doing it since its inception. I can safely say that over the years it has transformed my awareness practice and in so doing, my life.

Recording and Listening is the fastest way I know to burst through egocentric karmic conditioning/self-hate’s resistance and to move into Life’s clarity.

I find there are so many ways to do Recording and Listening. It is very versatile; something for every occasion. I Record and Listen to insights, reassurances, practice reminders, commitments, love letters, and guidance from the Mentor.

I Record and Listen to parts of Cheri’s books, email classes, calls, and radio shows. There is no end to what we can record. One of my favorites is to Record and Listen to the “Morning Recordings” I have made. I listen first thing in the morning and even if I wake up groggy or grumpy after a short time of listening, I feel one-with-Life and “ready to roll!”

One very special way to do this is the “Unconditional Love” recordings that Cheri has challenged us to make and to listen to almost nonstop. Make a recording in which you say, “I choose unconditional love” over and over again leaving a space after each “I choose unconditional love,” so you can repeat it as you listen to the recording.

This is phenomenal! Try it!




  • Take on Cheri’s Unconditional Love recording and listening challenge! See the directions above.









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